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FTFR First-Time-Fix-Rate and its new supplement IFR Immediate-Fix-Rate

The quality of customer service is often measured by the First-Time-Fix-Rate (FTFR), i.e. the percentage the technicians are able to actually fix the problem during the first onsite visit. Achieving a high FTFR definitely makes sense, as it contributes directly to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Especially mobile technologies can help to support your field force during their onsite visit, e.g. with data, repair manuals or better route planning.The best-in-class companies using mobile technologies in service are 4x more likely to have >90% customer retention rate and 3.5x more likely to achieve increases in revenue. So, introducing mobile technology for onsite visits is a great lever to increase customer loyalty.


But today, we want to push even further for the benefit of your customers and yourself …

What if you would not only focus on optimizing your onsite visits but instead avoid onsite visits as much as you can while still solving your customers’ problems? We call it the Immediate-Fix-Rate, which really boosts your customers’ satisfaction.

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Let us imagine the following:

Your customer Mrs Meyer calls: "The heating doesn't work and it's bitterly cold!" The field service heads off and arrives soon at Mrs Meyer’s apartment. Onsite it becomes clear: two buttons have to be pressed in the menu control of the heating system and the problem is solved: The apartment becomes pleasantly warm.


This could have been easier for Mrs Meyer and yourself - with our AI/AR-supported video communication platform AIVITEX:

Your customer service starts an AIVITEX video call with desktop or smartphone, have your customer Mrs Meyer show you the heating system and navigate her through the menu control of the heating system via video and pointing function - without having to drive to the apartment. So you do not have to send your employee to the customer Mrs Meyer at all, instead he can continue to work professionally on the complicated repair in your workshop.

What is the advantage for your customer Mrs Meyer? She does not have to wait for the customer service, she also saves on what she considers to be expensive travel costs and the problem is solved in just a few minutes with the video call.

This way you create a great Immediate-Fix-Rate, which will excite your customers.

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Yet another example:

Your customer Mr Smith has a defective dishwasher. Customer service checks the problem onsite and finds out that the spray doser is broken. However, he leaves without having done anything because he has to order the spare part first. He will contact Mr Smith again for the repair as soon as the spare part has been delivered and will then appear a second time, this time for the repair.


This could have been easier for Mr Smith and yourself - with our AI/AR-supported video communication platform AIVITEX:

First your customer service starts a video call with AIVITEX using a desktop or smartphone, then, the model and serial number of the dishwasher is identified by AI object recognition.  Customer service asks Mr Smith one or two questions about the problem and then your customer service probably knows that it is the defective spray dosing unit. Your IT system uses the AIVITEX information to check the availability of the appropriate spare part, so that your customer service can make an appointment for the repair directly in the video call. You have thus saved the diagnostic visit to the customer, were able to order the suitable spare part directly online and make the repair appointment during the video call.


The repair is now likely to be at 100% first time fix rate - and you know what that means for customer satisfaction.

What is the benefit for your customer Mr Smith? He no longer has to wait for the customer service technician who first makes a diagnosis and then has to come back a second time for the repair due to the missing spare part. Mr Smith saves both valuable time and unnecessary costs.


The advantages of AIVITEX for you at a glance:

  • Immediate-Fix-Rate: Time saving, as in many cases unnecessary drives are avoided by the intelligent video call

  • Increased productivity/utilisation of capacity due to less travel time

  • Increase in the First-Time-Fix-Rate, since the cause and necessary spare parts can often be identified via intelligent video call

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • No separate hardware, only a smartphone required

  • Cost-effective, pays off for you after only three avoided on-site visits per month

  • Corona safe


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